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Our Experience Makes The Difference

With more than 15 years of experience, we know how to ensure that our clients receive the representation they deserve. Our extensive trial experience allows us to not only navigate a courtroom effectively, but also approach any negotiations with an insurance company or prosecutor with the confidence that comes from knowing we can take the case to court if negotiations are not giving us what we want. Further, we bring experience in insurance defense and as a prosecutor. Those sets of experience give us an insider's perspective on how the other side is likely to approach a case. That foreknowledge allows us to make the strongest preparations.

Your Future Matters to Us

At Kalka Law Firm, PC, our commitment to our clients is deep. We understand the fact that many of our clients come to us at a critical moment in their lives. If their matters are handled appropriately, they can move on with their lives. If their matters are not handled appropriately, they may face years of difficulty and challenges. That is why being an attorney is not just a job for us, it is a passion. When people trust the resolution of their issues to us, we honor that trust by dedicating ourselves to securing the best possible outcome for them.


Suzanne M. Kalka

I decided I wanted to be a lawyer at the age of 14 and began preparations for it at that time. Today, I would consider myself a successful litigator and trial attorney. I have been practicing on my own since 2013 in a very competitive field and have been very successful. I have done both defense and plaintiff orientated work equally, so I have a very good sense of what both sides need to successfully litigate a case. I have an excellent reputation and I am known as a tough litigator, although I try to be reasonable and work together to move a case forward.
I get incredible satisfaction working hard for my clients to protect them, changing their lives.  We focus largely on Michigan No-Fault Law for the catastrophically injured, which can be an incredibly complicated area of the law.    We understand that this is their life and the way their cases are litigated and tried are as serious as a heart attack.  Our firm is also small so that we can actually give solid personal attention to every client we represent.

State Bar of Michigan:  Licensed attorney since 2001. 

Graduated From:

- Madonna University 1995, Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies
- Michigan State University College of Law, 2000 Juris Doctorate

Large Settlements


  • Negligence: $1,400,000
  • Premises: $495,000
  • Negligence: $62,500
  • Negligence: $82,500
  • Negligence: $74,500


  • No-Fault  $125,000
  • Negligence: $599,500
  • Negligence: $90,000
  • No-Fault Settlement: $215,000


  • No-Fault Settlement: $455,000
  • Negligence:  $98,000
  • Home Modification: $360,000
  • Home Modification: $360,000


  • No-Fault PIP Settlement: $205,000
  • No-Fault PIP Settlement: $216,000
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